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COVID PCR Testing for Travelers - 行者新冠核酸测试

*Bookings without a deposit must be made via phone.




SPECIAL Pricing $165 total (all tax included) for all COVID PCR testing. Results in ~6-8hours. Please book below.

测试优惠 $165 (含税) 核酸检测。结果~6-8个小时。请在以下正常预约.

Testing Schedule.png
Please note, that we will charge a $1 booking fee for all bookings. This fee is non-refundable.
Thank you for your understanding / 请注意我们将收一个不可退的$1的订单费给所有的预约。谢谢您的合作。
Testing Schedule - Update Nov 13 (1).jpg

Prices below includes all fees and taxes