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Our Clinics

For over a decade, Elicare Medical Clinics have been a trusted pillar of healthcare in Metro Vancouver. With a network of clinics spanning the region, we offer comprehensive medical services delivered by experienced and dedicated professionals. From walk-in appointments to family practice, our unwavering commitment to top-notch patient care ensures you receive the attentive support and treatment you deserve.

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Experience Elicare's top-notch care from the comfort of your home. Secure your walk-in or family doctor appointment online in minutes and focus on what matters most.

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New Westminster

Elicare: Royal City Medical Clinic

Phone: 604-545-0420

228B - 610 6th St. 

New Westminster

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Burnaby Specialist

Elicare: Burnaby Specialists Clinic

Phone: 604-566-0077

510-4400 Dominion St.


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Elicare: Lansdowne Medical Clinic

Phone: 604-242-862

5611 Cooney Rd. #140,


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Elicare: Lougheed Family

Practice & Walk-In Clinic

Phone: 778-999-9966

9618 Cameron St. Burnaby

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